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Borrow funds using your digital assets as collateral. Loans are issued instantly and permissionlessly with no credit checks or sign-up required. Collateral is never relinquished to a third party. All collateral is locked in a smart contract and remains locked until the loan is paid off.

What is ZERO?

Zero is the game changing new feature from Sovryn that offers 0% interest loans when you borrow against your bitcoin. Use your bitcoin as collateral, get your loan in ZUSD (a USD-pegged stablecoin), and buy more bitcoin with your bitcoin!


0% Interest for the duration of the loan.

No payback period. You choose when to pay the loan back. If ever.

Unlimited borrowing at a minimum 110% collateral ratio.

No sign-up.

No credit checks.


Operated purely by smart contracts with no central controlling entity. Users can interact with the Zero protocol with no sign-up required.

Non-custodial, censorship resistant and governed by stakers.

Users can interact with the Zero protocol directly from their hardware wallet.

Transparent collateral system.

Loans secured by a Stability Pool containing ZUSD and by fellow borrowers who collectively act as guarantors.


Fully Decentralized and Trustless Loans

Borrow against your bitcoin with no sign-up required. You can interact with the Zero protocol directly from your hardware wallet. Finance on your own terms.


The Earning Possibilities are Endless

What are our users doing with their loans to put their BTC to work? Check out some of the most profitable use cases.


Buy more bitcoin with your bitcoin! Let the increase in the value of bitcoin pay off your loan and keep stacking sats.

Deposit your ZUSD in the Stability Pool and profit from liquidations
on the Zero protocol.

Use your ZUSD to trade, lend, and earn yield across the Sovryn dapp.

The Zero API is about to be offered out to third parties and developers, to allow you to integrate Zero loans onto your platform.



Native API integration and whitelisting

Plug Zero into your exchange, website, or platform and start offering bitcoin loans to all your customers under your own brand. Use our Zero SDK and take advantage of full development support.

Add interest to loans to generate revenue

Have the ability to add interest to the loan to drive revenue against the product. The appetite for Zero is huge, so take advantage of the opportunity and build in a new revenue stream to your platform.

Innovative, industry-changing, product for your users

Zero changes things. Give your customers fully decentralized and trustless loans on their bitcoin, and allow them to generate wealth whilst hodling.


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HODLing is hard. reward yourself.

No one said HODLing is easy. Use the value of your bitcoin in the real world, without selling.

SOVRYN Zero:  interest-free loan forever

Bitcoin-backed loan with no interest and no repayment deadlines.


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