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building bitcoin defi

bringing it all back home to bitcoin

Bitcoin OG, Nick Szabo, is credited with pioneering the term ‘Smart Contract’ in the early-mid nineties. Until recently, we didn’t have the ability to develop smart contract functionality on Bitcoin. Now we do.

Ethereum has been Bitcoin’s testnet. DeFi has made massive strides in the past few years with the introduction of multiple, technological innovations.

We can now bring all of this innovation back to Bitcoin. Make your mark on the future of Bitcoin. Help us build on the most solid, future-proof foundation in blockchain.

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for the builders

Build on Sovryn

Want to help build the future of decentralized finance on Bitcoin?

The Zero API is about to be offered out to third parties and developers, to allow you to integrate Zero loans onto your platform.



Native API integration and whitelisting

Plug Zero into your exchange, website, or platform and start offering bitcoin loans to all your customers under your own brand. Use our Zero SDK and take advantage of full development support.

Add interest to loans to generate revenue

Have the ability to add interest to the loan to drive revenue against the product. The appetite for Zero is huge, so take advantage of the opportunity and build in a new revenue stream to your platform.

Innovative, industry-changing, product for your users

Zero changes things. Give your customers fully decentralized and trustless loans on their bitcoin, and allow them to generate wealth whilst hodling.
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for the builders

The ecosystem is growing

Join the Sovryn team to help build out the toolkit for financial self-sovereignty. Alternatively, reach out to us to discuss a partnership or how you could integrate with Sovryn.

Building bitcoin defi

A financial toolkit is just the beginning

for the builders
Building on SOvryn

A Bitcoin-native DeFi layer with EVM-compatible smart contracts, secured by Bitcoin Proof of Work (PoW).


Sovryn is built on the Rootstock (RSK) Bitcoin sidechain. RSK is merged-mined with Bitcoin meaning it's secured by Bitcoin Proof of Work (PoW).


Sovryn is a non-custodial, permissionless platform that requires no sign-up. You can simply start putting your bitcoin to work. You are in control of you funds.


Built on the Rootstock (RSK) platform, Sovryn is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Giving you smart contract functionality on Bitcoin, that can interact with the wider DeFi ecosystem on other chains.


Leave your details below and we’ll get in touch around how to integrate Zero into your project.

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