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WHY The Stability pool?



The stability pool is a part of Sovryn Zero, the pioneering 0% loans product. Zero loans are secured with bitcoin collateral. If their BTC collateral drops below 110% of their loan, it is automatically liquidated. That’s where the stability pool comes in: users can deposit Sovryn Dollars (DLLR or ZUSD) in the stability pool, and earn from these liquidations.

How the Stability Pool Makes Money

When liquidations occur, the stability pool buys this bitcoin at a discount of up to 10%. Over the course of many liquidations, the APR could exceed 100%. The stability pool also buys bitcoin at discounted prices during BTC price drops. The result is that it automatically buys the dip - with an additional steep discount.


In addition to these gains, rewards provide a 5% APR base revenue to stability pool deposits. The rewards are paid in liquid SOV on top of any revenue earned through liquidations — guaranteed 5% APR ensures that your investment never sits idle. With the 5% base yield and potential yield from liquidations, the stability pool offers a unique yield opportunity.

EARn more bitcoin, securely

Hold onto your keys, and your coins while Superstacking or HyperHODLing!

Earning Bitcoin on your Bitcoinb by Edan Yago

Edan Yago of Sovryn explains the many ways to earn Bitcoin through the Sovryn app.


Lending. liquidity pools. staking.

Earn passive income on Sovryn. Stress-free.


Sovryn allows you to earn a passive income through lending, as you accrue interest on your funds. Enjoy lending on a decentralized platform that requires no sign-up and never takes custody of your funds.

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Lend your assets directly to borrowers or to margin traders.

Maintain control of your funds, on a decentralized platform
that’s built on the security of the Bitcoin network.

The Sovryn protocol dynamically adjusts interest rates to reward
lenders for the cost and risk of illiquidity.

Sovryn lending is entirely non-custodial, and has no prepayment
penalties, so lenders are free to redeem their lent assets at any time.

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Lenders can offer liquidity to a pool of their choice with a single
token, and maintain 100% exposure to solely that token.

Liquidity providers can earn both fee and liquidity mining rewards.

Users can deposit two assets in double-sided liquidity pools;
via Sovryn's Automated Market Maker (AMM).

Earn rewards in SOV awarded on a weeky basis.

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How to Earn Yield with Bitcoin on Sovryn

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As well as giving you the right to vote in Bitocracy, it seriously pays off to be an SOV staker.

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Stakers earn a pro rata share of Zero borrowing fees in ZUSD
and redemption fees in RBTC.

Stakers earn RBTC rewards from AMM revenue.

Stakers earn RBTC rewards from legacy lending and borrowing
protocol revenue.

Stakers earn a share of SOV from users who unstake before the
end of their staking period.

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The APY Rollercoaster - Where Uncertainty Breeds Opportunity

However, as the liquidation process is influenced by individual user behavior and market dynamics, characterizing the APY of the Stability Pool presents a challenge. Periods of calm may span months with no liquidations, only to be punctuated by a flurry of large liquidations in a short timeframe.

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Research Insights into the APY


A recent study of Stability Pool rewards sheds light on the opportunity. “Fishing for Gains in the Zero Stability Pool”  suggested a 95% gain could be achieved via the stability pool. Then a more advanced model, presented in 'Fishing for Gains in the Zero Stability Pool: Logistic Regression Analysis' estimates an as much as 132% APR. It should be noted that due to the high variability in liquidation timing, there can be significant year-to-year variations. The 5% Stability Pool reward provides a consistent base level of yield.

Plus, There’s a 5% KickeR

Stable bitcoin price could mean a period without liquidations. That’s why we’re sweetening the deal, guaranteeing 5% APR to all depositors, paid in Sovryn’s governance token SOV.

Stable bitcoin price could mean a period without liquidations. That’s why we’re sweetening the deal, guaranteeing 5% APR to all depositors, paid in Sovryn’s governance token SOV.


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