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decentralized, privacy-focused trading

Bitcoin-native trading, directly from your wallet. No sign-up required.

~140 BTC (~$3.5M)

Total Spot trading volume


Total Margin trading volume


AMM Liquidity

get familiar with trading on sovryn

Low cost, decentralized trading with low-slippage.


How to connect your wallet, main features, how to get RBTC to pay for transactions


trade on sovryn

Buy, sell, and trade bitcoin directly from your wallet. Without giving up your keys!


Swaps on Sovryn - fast, easy, and secure

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Instantaneously exchange one asset for
the same value of another.

Select what you want to swap, and the Automated Market
Maker (AMM) instantly does the work for you.

All of this, for a small transaction fee.

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Place Buy or Sell orders as market orders or limit orders.

Enjoy decentralized trading on your own terms. No
sign-up required.

Use market orders to buy or sell a specific quantity at the
best available market price.

Utilize limit orders to buy or sell up to a specific quantity
at a specific price. You can even set them to expire after
a specified time if they are not filled.

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spot trading

Market Orders and Limit Orders. Done right.

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Margin trading

Sophisticated Crypto Margin Trading


Trade on your own terms. Use assets in your wallet as
collateral to borrow more assets or increase your initial position.

Enjoy up to 5x leverage - customize your slippage tolerance,
borrow leverage from the lending pool, and more.

Realize your trading glory - close your position when it's right
for you with limit orders.

Gain exposure to the market in an uptrend or a downtrend.

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why sov

The sov token

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The SOV token is a governance token that represents a stake in Sovryn’s future. Staking SOV gives you voting rights and enables you to actively participate in the protocol’s decision making process—Bitocracy.

earn a passive income

SOV stakers earn a passive income through a share of the fee revenue generated by the Sovryn protocol. Fees come from multiple sources including swaps, lending, earning yield, the Zero protocol, and more.

grow with the protocol

As the Sovryn protocol grows, the rising value of the protocol will be reflected in the value of the SOV token.

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