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Total volume lent

1.5 Years

Total SOV staked

5,000,000+ sov


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Earning Bitcoin on your Bitcoinb by Edan Yago

Edan Yago of Sovryn explains the many ways to earn Bitcoin through the Sovryn app.


Lending. liquidity pools. staking.

Earn passive income on Sovryn. Stress-free.


Sovryn allows you to earn a passive income through lending, as you accrue interest on your funds. Enjoy lending on a decentralized platform that requires no sign-up and never takes custody of your funds.

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Lend your assets directly to borrowers or to margin traders.

Maintain control of your funds, on a decentralized platform
that’s built on the security of the Bitcoin network.

The Sovryn protocol dynamically adjusts interest rates to reward
lenders for the cost and risk of illiquidity.

Sovryn lending is entirely non-custodial, and has no prepayment
penalties, so lenders are free to redeem their lent assets at any time.

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Lenders can offer liquidity to a pool of their choice with a single
token, and maintain 100% exposure to solely that token.

Liquidity providers can earn both fee and liquidity mining rewards.

Users can deposit two assets in double-sided liquidity pools;
via Sovryn's Automated Market Maker (AMM).

Earn rewards in SOV awarded on a weeky basis.

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How to Earn Yield with Bitcoin on Sovryn

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As well as giving you the right to vote in Bitocracy, it seriously pays off to be an SOV staker.

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Stakers earn a pro rata share of Zero borrowing fees in ZUSD
and redemption fees in RBTC.

Stakers earn RBTC rewards from AMM revenue.

Stakers earn RBTC rewards from legacy lending and borrowing
protocol revenue.

Stakers earn a share of SOV from users who unstake before the
end of their staking period.

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why sov

The sov token

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The SOV token is a governance token that represents a stake in Sovryn’s future. Staking SOV gives you voting rights and enables you to actively participate in the protocol’s decision making process—Bitocracy.

earn a passive income

SOV stakers earn a passive income through a share of the fee revenue generated by the Sovryn protocol. Fees come from multiple sources including swaps, lending, earning yield, the Zero protocol, and more.

grow with the protocol

As the Sovryn protocol grows, the rising value of the protocol will be reflected in the value of the SOV token.

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