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May 3, 2022
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May 2022 Release Notes: Limit Orders, Email Trading Notifications, FastBTC Updates, and More!

Welcome to the latest installment of the Sovryn release notes! We’ve got a bunch of product updates to share with you. Whether you see yourself as a novice trader or perhaps a bit more experienced, we’ve no doubt you’ll find this latest round of feature updates useful. 

The Sovryn dev teams have been very busy upgrading various aspects of the trading user interface to give you a more efficient and intuitive trading experience.

Let’s dive in, shall we?


Limit Orders - Sleep soundly and buy the dip

This is a big one, and one that we know you've been waiting patiently for. A limit order is a request, set by you, to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price. Unlike a market order, which executes immediately after it’s placed, a limit order will only execute when the asset reaches the price you set. As an added benefit, you’ll likely be able to sleep a little more soundly at night knowing that you’ve bought the dip or banked some profits!

Place your limit order

Email Notifications

As any trader will tell you, the ability to act fast is a necessity! A brand new email notification system will keep you updated on your trades, including the new limit order fills, when you’re on the go. 

Let’s face it. Nobody likes margin calls or liquidations. By subscribing to email notifications, you’ll give yourself some breathing room to monitor and stay on top of your open positions. The new email notification system has been designed with privacy in mind and you can unsubscribe from the notifications at any time. Importantly, the new notification service update allows for more notification types to be added in the future.

Confirm email for notifications

Recent Trades

Keep tabs on market sentiment with the new ‘recent trades’ table. 

Recent trades

Margin Position Liquidation Table

In the ‘never pleasant’ event of a margin liquidation occurring, a new Details section will allow you to view the history of events related to a given position. You’ll be able to keep track of info such as Closing Price, Position Change and the time of liquidation.


Price Action Summary

The trading price summary bar now allows you to monitor up-to-date price action at a glance and includes useful figures such as recent asset prices and percentage change. 

Price action summary

Intuitive Order Form

A redesigned Order form and Confirmation modal provides a more unified experience where you can select your Slippage Tolerance while placing your order and then simply preview and confirm the trade.

Updated order form
Review order

Trading Pair Selection & Trade History

As part of our ongoing UI improvement initiative to give you a more enjoyable and familiar trading experience, we’ve updated the trading pair selection menu - which now includes the ability to save favorites!

Spot & Margin


Trade History Table

An improved history table allows you to easily keep track of your recent trades, including limit orders.

Trade history

Arbitrage Opportunity Banner

Everybody loves ‘free alpha’, amirite?

Well, we’ve added a new and improved Arbitrage Opportunity promotional banner to give you a heads up on arb opportunities that will also help balance the Sovryn automated market maker (AMM). So, it’s a win-win.

Arbitrage opportunity

Bridge Contract Update

We’ve added support for depositing to the bridge directly from FastBTC, so you could, for example, deposit BTC via FastBTC and receive BTCs directly on BSC without having to make a separate transaction on RSK.

FastBTC & General Improvements

  • To prevent your funds from being sent to unsupported Taproot addresses, we’ve added address validation checks for BTC withdrawals.
  • For BTC deposits, Federator Signature Verification validates that the deposit address generated and displayed, corresponds both to your RSK wallet address and the list of known FastBTC federators.
  • Fala português? You’ll notice a variety of Portuguese translation updates across the platform!
  • And finally, we’ve made strides in our ongoing code cleanup and optimization efforts across the entire dapp.

And that hereby concludes this product update. As you can see, the team has been busy! 

Stay Sovryn


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