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Long term, In Short

January 24, 2022
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Wherever we look, it is clear that global institutions are failing us and have lost the trust of people everywhere. This is a problem. But more so, it is a great opportunity. Our generation has a choice: Retreat in despair to fake worlds of nihilistic cynicism, narcissistic tribalism and delusional get-rich-quick schemes. Or step up to the thrilling challenge of remaking the world through the collective actions of determined and principled individuals animated by a vision of a better world.

To work towards a better world we need to have a vision of what it might look like. Most people are still stuck unimaginatively recycling 20th century ideas along familiar left vs right lines: Socialism vs capitalism; government vs libertarianism; conservatism vs wokesim. All thinking along these lines falls into the same old trap - an assumption so common most people don't even realize they are making it. The assumption that if we can just get the right people in power, and have everyone obey their enlightened rules, the world can finally be a good and happy place.

The greatest social thinker of our time had the genius and imagination to think beyond this idea. He provided us with a blueprint for a future where cryptographically protected rights place the individual in control and no rulers can force obedience - all collaboration is voluntary. Yet with this, he also showed that by properly engineering incentives, he was able to create the most powerful force of collaboration and collective action of the digital age. This thinker is, of course, Satoshi Nakamoto. His reimagined social institution is Bitcoin.  

Satoshi showed us the way. It falls to us to learn from his social breakthrough and, most importantly, build upon it. To create a world at once more free and more collaborative. A world more like Bitcoin.

Sovryn is a world built on Bitcoin. It is a way for us to voluntarily come together and take upon ourselves the thrilling challenge of remaking the world. What does such a world look like and how do we get there?

Ever Expanding Circles of Sovereignty

Building a world built on Bitcoin means applying the two key Nakamoto innovations - cryptographic rights and incentivized voluntary collaboration - to the world in ever expanding circles of sovereignty.

  1. HODL: Bitcoin can be held as a non-manipulable form of money
  2. DeFi: Put Bitcoin to work without middlemen
  3. Tokenization: Build a tokenized economy around Bitcoin
  4. Web 3.0: Property rights and decentralized institutions for the internet
  5. Citadels: Rights, property and jurisdictions in the physical world

Satoshi wisely started with the most fundamental social institution of all - that of money. Upon that we can build a borderless and trustless economic and financial system. This economic system can power the future digital economy and eventually, the physical world as well. This last stage requires us to build voluntary nations and DAO-like institutions that can galvanize enough collective power to control real world jurisdictions.

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