Hyperhodling and Superstacking

May 22, 2021
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Sovryn offers many tools for the creation of wealth. Superstacking and Hyperhodling are just two of the ways that you can manage your stash and beat a path to financial freedom. Here’s how to take advantage of these methods or, if you prefer, check out this video presentation from our inimitable contributor, Yago.


Superstacking is a method used to earn more Bitcoin with your Bitcoin. Instead of waiting for number go up, you can put your Bitcoin to work with a Sovryn lending smart contract. When Superstacking, Sovryn lends the funds you submit to the smart contract to others. The fees they pay to borrow the Bitcoin are returned to you, minus a small platform fee which you can then use to buy more Bitcoin.

If someone wants to borrow a Bitcoin via Sovryn smart contract, they must provide 1.5x the value of that Bitcoin. Borrow requests are only approved if more collateral is put up, than than the value lended to them. If they don’t pay back the borrowed amount, the smart contract will keep their collateral, liquidate it away from them, and give you back your lended Bitcoin with interest. Sovryn has lending interest rates often exceed the rates of even the best DeFi platforms.


Hyperhodling is a way to earn an even larger return from your Bitcoin. If you’re confident the price of Bitcoin will increase, this is a way to increase the amount of Bitcoin you have without purchasing more.

For example, let’s assume you own a single Bitcoin worth $50k. You can use that one Bitcoin as collateral to borrow an additional $50k USD that you can then use to purchase another Bitcoin. You now have two Bitcoins. If the price of Bitcoin goes up you get to keep the price difference. For example, if Bitcoin goes to $100K, you can pay back the initial $50K collateral you owe and keep the price difference, in this case $50K, and get your original Bitcoin back. You have then turned 1 Bitcoin into 1.5 Bitcoin, and $50k into $150k, as opposed to the $100k you would have just by hodling.

On the flip side, If Bitcoin were to drop to $25k from $50k, your collateral will be used to pay back your loan. In this scenario, Sovryn will close out your position for you and you will be liquidated. This is a higher risk scenario than Superstacking.

Both methods are common ways to increase your BTC value when you have run out of fiat to purchase it with. Superstacking is a safe and low risk way whereas Hyperhodling is a higher risk way to achieve even greater returns. High risk means high reward, low risk means a lower reward. But often a lower reward is better than no reward.

Always start small and never put down more that you are willing to loose. Good luck Sovryns.


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