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Bitcoin Conference Recap 🌴

April 15, 2022
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A quick look at how we got on...

In all of its glory, the Bitcoin Conference 2022 in Miami wrapped up on Saturday, and showed the world how far Bitcoin has come in thirteen years. Last year at Bitcoin 2021, about 12,000 people attended the event. This year, attendance more than doubled with around 30,000 people attending the conference. 

It’s safe to say that the Sovryn team had a highly productive time interacting with the public and prominent Bitcoin figures. Industry conferences allow us to connect with potential business partners, network with world-class talent, and spread the word about Sovryn to the general public.

We also interviewed a range of respected Bitcoin thought leaders, and took surveys with the general public. Why did we do this? To understand what motivates them as Bitcoiners while also creating content that we can use to spread the Sovryn word.

We will release our full interviews via social media so you can get an in-depth view of the Bitcoin conference, while hearing directly from the experts. More is coming soon!

For now, check out feedback from some of the Sovryns who attended the conference this year. Everyone who attended had a different function - from generating content to making high-level deals. Let’s hear it from them in their own words:

Ingalandia - At the conference it was immediately apparent that Bitcoin DeFi has become less and less of a fringe topic within the community. I could see that protocols such as Sovryn are uniquely positioned to work with the most user-friendly applications which are geared towards retail and institutional customers. Our goal is to extend the reach of the Sovryn protocol to other products and communities. It was great seeing the enthusiasm of Sovryns in person and it reminded me why we do this. 

FrenchVictory - There are people among us that dare to imagine a free, better future for all of us. And what was great to see is just how many people like that there are! And although some versions of this proposed future slightly vary, the volume of direct activity in the nation-state space, of people who want to free everyone from the yoke of inflation, and who want to enable everyone to have control over their lives (no matter in which territory they were born in) is not only inspiring, but makes it clear that such a future is inevitable. 

Armando - Bitcoin Miami was the best large scale Bitcoin conference I’ve attended so far. There was a lot of interest and talk about making Bitcoin useful beyond its function as a stable, reliable and neutral money. I see this as an important stage in the progression of the Bitcoin ecosystem and a shift from the prevailing narrative of Bitcoin as digital gold over the last couple of years. This makes me very optimistic about the services, technologies and products we will see launching within the Bitcoin ecosystem over the next year. 

Magnus - It’s hard to believe that in a mere 13 years, Bitcoin culminated in the extravaganza that was Bitcoin 2022 in Miami. What stood out? I think Jack Mallers’ announcement is a big sign of the mainstreaming of Bitcoin. Soon enough, you’ll be able to use the Lightning network in major stores across the United States. Furthermore, we conducted dozens of interviews which served as a beautiful reminder of why our mission at Sovryn is a noble one. People of all backgrounds are crying out for a new way.

Overall, we would like to give a big shout out to the volunteers who came and spent time with Sovryn, plus all of the Sovryn community members and fans who stopped by, and said hello. It’s people like you who keep us motivated to push forward and make the world more sovereign.


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