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Bigger than BRC-20? Runes Are Coming to Sovryn

March 13, 2024
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Are you ready for the next phase of Bitcoin token evolution? Move over BRC-20 and Ordinals, there's a new protocol on the blockchain—Runes. And leading the charge is POWA, the pioieering Rune token—launching on Sovryn!

What Are Runes? The Near Future of Bitcoin Tokens

Proposed by Bitcoin developer Casey Rodarmor, the Runes protocol is a novel token standard for issuing tokens directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

 A few key advantages:

  • Faster and cheaper transactions compared to BRC-20
  • Native integration with Bitcoin's UTXO model
  • Simplicity without requiring separate native tokens as some Bitcoin token protocols do
  • Alignment with Bitcoin's conservatism around blockchain usage

Unlike BRC-20 which produced excessive junk UTXOs that bogged down the network, Runes is designed to be lightweight and minimize blockchain bloat. With technical superiority and elegant design, Runes could represent the next frontier for token issuance on the Bitcoin network. The Runes protocol opens up possibilities for all kinds of fungible assets like stablecoins, governance tokens, and more to be deployed on the most secure and decentralized blockchain.

Or in other words, the fastest and cheapest token model so far. (For a deeper technical dive into how Runes works, check out our tutorial What Are Runes on Bitcoin? A Guide to the Fastest, Cheapest & Most User-Friendly Bitcoin Token Protocol (So Far).)

POWA Leads the Way on Sovryn

Of course, it wouldn't be an innovation on Bitcoin without a healthy dose of memetic energy. POWA gives a nod to Bitcoin proof of work (PoW) as well as to the powa of creative protocols that harness the existing capabilities of bitcoin.

The POWA Rune is set to start trading soon on Sovryn, the leading decentralized exchange for Bitcoin. Sovryn aims to become the go-to platform for trading any and all Runes. Starting with POWA, many other memecoins, stablecoins, and utility coins will join soon.

While POWA embraces Bitcoin meme culture as a make-Bitcoin-fun-again "memecoin", it's not just a standard meme token. POWA represents the cutting edge—it's the first Rune on Bitcoin set to trade on Sovryn. This alone could give POWA collectible value in addition to other use cases it might take on. You can get in on the ground floor by accumulating points toward earning POWA through activities like staking, trading on Sovryn, and showing your influence on Twitter. The more POWA Points—yes, we said it—that you rack up, the bigger your share of the initial POWA drop! 

Visit the Bitcoin Gives You POWA page to learn how to start earning Points towards POWA.


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A POWAful Future

Whether you're a Bitcoin maximalist or multi-crypto explorer, you'll want to pay attention to Runes and its potential to reshape how we use and build on the Bitcoin network. Between the advantages over BRC-20 and innovative experiments like POWA, Runes just might be the biggest story in Bitcoin this year.

Get ready to load up on POWA when it goes live, and stay tuned as Runes begin deploying across Sovryn and the wider Bitcoin ecosystem. The tokenization revolution has arrived!


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